Application to send text messages to cell phones [closed]


I would like to know how I can develop a java application that allows me to send text messages to several cell phones.

asked by B.Torres 11.01.2018 в 20:10

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The first thing you must define is to have the gateway yourself or contract the services of a third party and consume it at crossing an api.

For the first option I recommend you take a look at the different projects in github , Among them I mention:

  • link , easy to use, good documentation
  • link , business grade, good documentation, a lot of features that make it unique
  • link , good, fast and easy to use, you can try it from your computer without much inconvenience

For all the previous ones you have to see if there is a client that consumes their respective api

The second option is to use paid services, many already have clients deployed for a multitude of languages including JAVA, including:

answered by 11.01.2018 в 20:14