Determine Error with my android app on Google Playstore


I have developed an android app that is currently in production, in the Google Play Store.

The problem is that sometimes the window is closed and the message that my app has stopped is displayed. It does not always happen, other times I open it and it does not give error and I have oprobado in other devices and that does not happen

Is there a way that when this happens is registered somewhere or send a post request to a server? Something like a try - catch global

asked by Alberto Mier 24.11.2017 в 09:31

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To determine errors in an Android application in development it is essential to use the LogCat; but in the case of an application that has been uploaded to the Google Play Store, the option is the Google Developer Console or Google Play Console

The specific module to verify information about errors or blockages (ANR) that are occurring in your application is Android Vitals

Go to Android vitals > ANRs & Crashes > CRASHES , here you can filter the reported errors in your application reported by days, operating system versions, application versions.

By clicking on an element you can see specifically the detail of the error, similar to the one shown in the LogCat.

Another robust option to have information about the errors is through the Framework Crashlytics , which you can easily install in your applications:

What is Fabric Crashlytics and how to configure it for Android?

answered by 24.11.2017 / 10:01