Tag meta description author and keywors in all html pages?


Hello good evening I have a question about web content: the meta tags for example these:

<meta name="author" content="aulaclic">
<meta name="description" content="Curso de HTML gratuito">
<meta name="keywords" content="código HTML etiqueta página web gratis curso">

should go in all pages .html or simply in the index.html thank you very much for the answer

asked by juancamilovallejos0 11.10.2017 в 04:14

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author : this specifies the author of the web page. Who the development or also the author of the article. Unlike what many people think, this has no effect on internet search engines.

keywords : These are keywords that describe your website. Unlike author , this does have influence on search engine searches. For example, an internet site that deals with programming can have keywords:

<meta name="keyword" content="c# c sharp programacion patrones de diseños" />

description : This is the brief description that appears in the results of internet searches. The more direct and clear the description, the better it will be for users when they appear in the results:

<meta name="description" description="Vea una introduccion a la programacion y le garantizamos que estaras trabajando en 5 meses!" />
answered by 11.10.2017 / 04:34