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I am working on tests with sending information from the SII. With version 1.0 I am having problems with the invoices received.

I have an XML and when I send it, it returns the error:

4124 - Error La dirección no se corresponde con el fichero de entrada.

I have been looking at examples, and documentation and I am unable to solve it. Can someone give me a clue? Thank you very much.

I leave the example XML (it is cut out and I focused on what causes the error)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
asked by Jorge 23.06.2017 в 11:07

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I explain something better what was your problem as I understand it, and the simple solution:

To send documents to the SII on the website of the tax agency we have to go to the section "Web Service Client" or "Web Service Client for the testing environment"

If you enter this shipping environment, the following URL appears by default:

URL Endpoint (sin dominio): /wlpl/SSII-FACT/ws/fe/SiiFactFEV1SOAP

That address is the one used to send Issued Invoices. But if we want to send a Received Invoice, that URL has to be changed by:


(note that the URL is very similar, and just change 'faith' to 'fr', and SiiFactFE ... to SiiFactFR ...)

So simple.

answered by 20.07.2017 в 17:20

The issue I have solved and as in these cases is usually, is the result of blindness.

The solution is that on the test page we have to prepare the correct END POINT, which by default it takes for issued invoices.

answered by 23.06.2017 в 12:13