When creating a project in Android Studio. Error ... cache.properties (The system can not find the specified file)


I wanted to tell you about my problem since I am a bit new to this and I still do not understand much about the Android Studio theme. Every time I create a new project in Android Studio I have the following error, no matter where I save the project, I have already tried changing several destination folders but it does not work, this is the problem.

(El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado)

Thank you very much.

asked by Nicolas Schmidt 03.04.2016 в 04:54

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This error for those who have the English version is also shown as:


cache.properties (The system can not find the specified file)

To solve it go to:


Remove the folders .4 and .8 (or those of the previous version that you have installed)

Restart Android Studio and simply resynchronize the Gradle files with your project.

answered by 03.04.2016 / 05:09