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I want to make a request in Go to an API but the answers are paged so I have to go through them.

The pagination comes on the header in the element link , something like this:

<page=3>; rel="next",<page=1>; rel="prev";<page=5>; rel="last"

I was trying to solve it with regular expressions and with Splits but in both cases I did not succeed.

The request I'm doing with the http library, like this:

resp, err := http.Get("")

and the I get it like this:


and the result is the string that I put above.


How do I get the last page? And the others?

In the javascript world we have parse-link-header so maybe there is something similar in Go .

asked by Gepser 15.04.2016 в 02:58

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I found this little library linkheader to go, in any case you can see how it was implemented here main.go , they are only 120 lines but I see that they only use split since the structure of link header it's pretty simple. The regex always bring problems.

Example of use:

import (


func ExampleParse() {
    header := "<>; rel=\"next\"," +
        "<>; rel=\"last\""
    links := linkheader.Parse(header)

    for _, link := range links {
        fmt.Printf("URL: %s; Rel: %s\n", link.URL, link.Rel)

    // Output:
    // URL:; Rel: next
    // URL:; Rel: last
answered by 15.04.2016 в 04:50

This I have solved using the standard library of go

var b strings.Builder
res, err := http.Get(url.QueryEscape(b.String()))

You need to use strings.Builder to be concatenated and since you have the string you code the URL using url.QueryEscape ()

answered by 12.09.2018 в 18:56