python.exe or py.exe in Windows? [closed]


I'm using Python 2.7 in a virtual environment, but do not let me run the python console in the normal way, but:

  • instead of using python runserver
  • I must use py runserver

Does anyone know what it is?

asked by Tajaludo 21.04.2017 в 07:11

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From what I understand, you are using Windows, here it is mentioned that py is a launcher employed in Windows; you can place py -h to get the list of arguments.

If you want to create an alias of py, I understand that with the doskey python=py instruction you would have done it, of course that only creates the alias in the current console session (when you rerun the MS-DOS console you should rerun the command doskey). An alternative that you could try is to look for the py.exe file and rename it to python.exe, although I do not know if this would cause problems for other software that is based on the existence of a py.exe.

answered by 22.04.2017 в 17:51