Application in C # start in Textbox in specific


Good morning,

I have this little doubt, what happens when running my application as seen inside the image starts already selected a radiobutton.

My question is: How can I select so that at the moment of running the application I start in the name textbox?

If you could help me, I'd appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance.

asked by Ezequie Lopez 28.07.2018 в 01:56

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Two ways, the first with the TabIndex property, you can set the order in which the elements receive the focus.

Then you can put the TextName / TabIndex = 0, (From the properties of the object) Then you can put the following object TabIndex = 1, the next TabIndex = 2, and so on.

The second option is in the Load () event call the Focus () function of the textbox TextName.Focus ()

answered by 28.07.2018 / 02:06