Transitions of elements between activities


Is there any way to make transitions between activities other than as follows?

ActivityOptions transitionActivityOptions;
transitionActivityOptions = makeSceneTransitionAnimation(activity, sharedView, "shared_image");
v.getContext().startActivity(i, transitionActivityOptions.toBundle());

It is that this method is implemented from the API 21 and I would like to be able to make those effects in previous versions of Android.

asked by borjis 08.11.2016 в 11:58

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I imagine that there are several ways to do it, of course it is impossible that it is as easy as using the advantage of API 21 onwards, however, and mentioning this same question in StackOverFlow in English

Activity transition on lower api


We added a lot of stuff in Lollipop to make Activity Transitions work well. It is possible to do Activity Transitions manually (in earlier versions), but you will encounter problems in some cases and the return transition is likely going to work only in the simple case. Chet Haase has a devbyte on this here.


Animations between fragments were possible earlier, though the API   is not as easy to use as in Lollipop's Fragment Transitions.


We thought a lot about back porting transitions to earlier versions in   the support library It may still happen. If so, we should also be   able to do something for Fragment Transitions.

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It is possible to make transitions between Activitys manually (previous versions) but so that no major problems occur in the transition the return will probably work only in simple cases. An example here . It was possible to use animations in previous versions but never as easy as Lollipop onwards.

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