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good afternoon,

I add the reference to be able to send emails but it happens that when I add the reference from the location of this, for some reason I do not load the System.Net if not System.Net.Irda and for this reason the MailMesasage and it does not work for me, what could I do or how can I send an email with Windows CE

Apart from being able to send the emails, they must have attached an excel file that has some data that are filled out,

I do not know how I could solve this problem.


asked by Cristian R.M 10.08.2016 в 19:58

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The compact framework 3.5 does not support or system.web.mail but you can use OpenNETCF.Net.Mail which is available in SDF


var message = new MailMessage();

message.From = new MailAddress("[email protected]");
message.To.Add(new MailAddress("[email protected]"));
message.Subject = "Asunto";
message.Body = "Cuerpo del Mensaje";

var client = new SmtpClient();

client.Host = "";
client.Credentials = new SmtpCredential("usuario", "password", "midominio");


Another Solution is to create a webservice and there use System.Net to send mails.

answered by 10.08.2016 в 20:10