Error Attempting to upload my project to Git Hub


What I want to do is upload the process of a project that I have to my github but at the moment of doing it by means of cmd it marks me an error that I have not been able to solve.

I do not know what that error is because I can not get my project to remain on the gitHub

asked by David 28.08.2016 в 05:09

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In the message it tells you to do pull first, surely there are changes in the remote repository that you do not have in the local. Try using git pull before reusing git push .

answered by 28.08.2016 / 05:55

Create your project on github on the platform then follow the steps Follow those steps in case you continue to get error delete the git init folder and go back to do the process.

Commands for github upload projects

    git init
    git remote -v
    git remote add origin link-del-proyecto-git
    git add .
    git add --all
    git commit -m"Proyecto Final"
    git push -u origin master
    git push --force origin master
answered by 17.11.2018 в 06:03