Can I share a Python program (3.x) with someone who does not have it installed?


My first language was and as you can imagine the differences with They are remarkable. Python is object oriented and an important difference for a novice in Python as its server is that while C is compiled, Python is interpreted.

When I learned C I shared my simple programs (already compiled) for fun (some of them were useful to me), but with Python I would like to know if there is any way that someone who does not have the interpreter installed can use the program of my code python, I ask because besides the extension .py I noticed that there are others, I do not know if those help.

P.D. Use OS.

asked by Robby 16.04.2016 в 01:36

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In the case of Linux distributions, the majority has python 2.7x installed, for the case of windows you can use a tool such as PyInstaller that you create an .exe of your script and you can share it and they can execute it without having python installed.

Basic use of PyInstaller:

pyinstaller.exe --onefile --windowed
answered by 17.04.2016 / 06:21