Xcode does not recognize my device


I'm trying to compile my Xcode project on my iPad, but I'm getting an error that says my iPad can not be recognized, the device is updated to the latest version of IOS 9.2 .

At first I got an error saying Xcode can not run the selected device, then I removed my device and connected it again because I was not sure what to do.

I also tried to test my project using an iPhone and the error they gave me was different. The error, said: No code signing identities found , I'm not worried about the error that gave me the iPhone because my application was based for the iPad.

I cleaned the project and rebooted Xcode to see if that would fix it, but nothing.

asked by Katz 16.12.2015 в 05:42

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To compile with Xcode on a device with version 9.2 you need to have Xcode 7.2 installed. This is probably your problem, that you have updated iOS but not Xcode.

answered by 16.12.2015 в 08:14

Take into account that:

  • You have to create a provisional certificate of development to do your tests
  • In your profiles you have to authorize your iPhone, iPad for that application in specific

Also try downloading the XCode Beta

answered by 17.12.2015 в 22:29

To develop and compile with the latest available version of iOS especially if it is a recent update it is very likely that you also need the latest version of Xcode, remember also that to compile an application on a device you need to have the developer license.

answered by 17.12.2015 в 22:07