How to move a site from a testing environment (test site) to a production environment (production site)?


I have a website in a hosting but it is in a trial site with a url, I need to pass the content to a site in production with another different ulr. Both sites provided within the same hosting  Example:

site: production:

site: tests:

How can you pass the test environment site to the production site? If you can do the assembly without plugin, where is the option to make the change within wordpress and if necessary the plugin, which is the adequate?

asked by Armando Arellano 30.12.2016 в 01:13

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I usually follow this procedure:

  • Back up the database
  • Back up the files
  • Create the directory and restore the files
  • Create the database and restore the copy of security
  • Update database credential parameters
  • Update the parameters of the site address
  • Make specific adjustments to our installation
  • I have documented every step in link

    Any questions let me know. I am making a passage at this time following that procedure and I have made many passages in a similar way.

    Note: some tools may vary depending on the hosting.


    answered by 06.01.2017 в 16:38