Restart .exe .bat processes in python or django


I wonder: is it possible to restart .exe .bat processes in python or django language?

Basically they are running processes in production on remote servers. What is needed is to automate the process by avoiding entering each of them and restarting or killing a certain process from there. The goal is to create a website that can manage these processes from anywhere with a connection.

Likewise connect to a remote server to manage these processes, is it possible to do it with this language and the framework? and how would it be?

asked by matteo 04.04.2016 в 18:52

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I've worked with that kind of thing, but in Linux environments, using fabric, it's the best, but in your case, which apparently is Windows, it gets a bit complicated.

What I would try would be 2 things ...

  • Install SSH Server: How to Get SSH Command-Line Access to Windows 7 Using Cygwin , and with this you can now automate hundreds of remote servers using fabric
  • Create a Server and client with the Python Socket low-level library, or using the Twisted network framework, which I liked a lot (I can not publish more links ...).
  • answered by 24.09.2016 / 03:39