Error entering RStudio, r or to the application


Install the packrat package to manage the versions of my libraries but when I pass it to the computer where I have the applications it does not work and I get an error where I look for the file packrat/init.R , everything fails and when entering RStudio, R or the application, the error comes out.


Error in file (filename, "r", encoding = encoding): can not be   open the connection Also: Warning message: In file (filename, "r",   encoding = encoding): it was not possible to open the file   'packrat / init.R': The file or directory Error in does not exist   tools ::: httpdPort < = 0L: comparison (4) is possible only for   list and atomic types

Thank you very much for the help.

asked by olgalucegu 18.03.2016 в 18:59

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I found that in the file .Rprofile of my user had:

#### -- Packrat Autoloader (version 0.4.6-1) -- ####
#### -- End Packrat Autoloader -- ####

Edit it by commenting the line source("packrat/init.R") .

I worked.

answered by 18.03.2016 в 22:19