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How do I create an account for my application with ACAccountStore in swift2 and Xcode since it only shows me facebook and twitter but I will not use them. I need to create is an account that is of my application. Thanks.

asked by Andres Guillermo Castellanos A 09.06.2016 в 15:15

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I think it's not possible to create accounts that are from your application.

In order to create an account you need an ACAccountType, and according to the documentation (in English) this is not possible:


An ACAccountType object encapsulates information about all accounts of   a particular type. You do not create account type objects directly. To   obtain an account type, use the accountTypeWithAccountTypeIdentifier:   method or the% co_of% property of an account object.

Free translation:


An object of type accountType encapsulates information about all accounts of a particular type. You can not create objects of this type directly. To get an account type, use the ACAccountType method or the accountTypeWithAccountTypeIdentifier: property of an accountType object.

answered by 09.06.2016 / 15:52