How can I give privileges to SQL SERVER sessions?


I was investigating and I have a question. I know that to create a session is:


And my question is: How do I give read and write privileges and assign a table to that user with SQL code?

asked by Marcial Cahuaya Tarqui 28.09.2016 в 01:23

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in SQL Server 2012 or higher, if you want to assign a server level role , for example sysadmin , which gives you administrator privileges, you can do it with:

create login [MiUsuario] with password = 'MiPassword';
alter server role [sysadmin] add member [MiUsuario];

If you want to assign a role to it in a database, create the user for the DB and then assign it the permission, for example with db_datareader you give it read permissions:

use MiBase;
create user [MiUsuario] for login [MiUsuario];
alter role [db_datareader] add member [MiUsuario];

Finally, you can give it permissions at an object level, for example, tables, using the grant :

grant select on MiTabla to [MiUsuario];
grant execute on MiStoredProc to [MiUsuario];
answered by 28.09.2016 в 04:06