Comparator does not work! =


I'm trying to recognize when a record in my BD does not match a word.

I have the following code that works well when $ client is equal to Day , but does not work if $ client equals day

   elseif (strpos($cliente, 'Dia') !== false or strpos($cliente, 'plaza') !== false) {
              echo "background:#c31434;";

I tried to do it the other way around and it does not work either

elseif (strpos($cliente, 'Dia') == true or strpos($cliente, 'plaza') == true) {
                  echo "background:#c31434;";

I have also tried to do it like @Hector Lopez says in this way, and it does not work the same as in the case above.

elseif ($cliente == 'dia' || $cliente == 'plaza') {
                  echo "background:#c31434;";

This is my complete if

<?php if(strpos($cliente, 'Lupa') !== false or strpos($cliente, 'lupa') !== false or strpos($cliente, 'Tifer') !== false){
                  echo "background:#1474c3;";
                  elseif ($cliente =='dia' || $cliente =='plaza') {
                  echo "background:#c31434;";
                  echo "background:#778998;";
asked by Tefef 16.10.2018 в 10:30

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I would solve this in a more flexible , creating an array where the keys would be the value of the color, and each key has a sub-array with the values to look for. In this way you will not need to do so many if and if in the future you have to incorporate more values / colors just modify the array and the code would still work only.

For comparison, instead of strpos , you use strripos , which does the same, but is case insensitive , that is, insensitive to capital letters / lowercase.

Let's see:

/*Valor por defecto*/
foreach ($arrColors as $k=>$arrValues){
    if (is_array($arrValues)){
        foreach ($arrValues as $value) {
            if(stripos($cliente, $value) !== false){
echo "background:$bgColor;";




  • test yourself with other values
  • consider an evolution of the code. Imagine that it is now required to find the value 'amarillo' and assign it the background color #FFFF00 ... You should only add this to $arrColors : '#FFFF00'=>array('amarillo')
answered by 16.10.2018 / 12:21