Does the Arduino software emulate hardware?


Good day community of StackOverflow!

I have been researching on the internet about the official Arduino software to determine whether or not it can emulate hardware, that is, I need to know if the Arduino software emulates in a virtual environment as any microcontroller would behave in reality (as it does the Proteus program for example).

I have read a lot of forums in English and Spanish but I do not give the solution to my concern so I would like some member that I have used previously to confirm whether or not I can emulate software since the information I have read is very vague. on his official page.


Observation: I specifically ask about the Arduino software since I have read several "arduino's simulator" which are third-party programs that I'm not interested in at the moment.

Thank you in advance for all the collaboration you can give me. Greetings!

asked by Huskie 30.05.2018 в 03:19

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If I'm not wrong, the Arduino software is just an environment to program code lines and then transfer it to the board. He does not have a simulator like Proteus, I would say.


answered by 31.05.2018 / 07:58