Difference between PHP and Node.js [closed]


I know that obviously the two are different, that PHP is a programming language completely separate from Node, but I would like to know what their similarities and differences are, since I recently heard that Node was '' a platform for Javascript in the server side '' and I suppose PHP is a programming language and not a '' platform '', so if someone could explain the difference between these two I would be very grateful.

asked by Ricardo A 03.03.2017 в 03:11

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this may be a long issue but the main thing that we can differentiate is that php is a language and nodejs is not, nodejs is as you said a platform made from c ++ (by means of the google v8 engine) which interprets files with the language javascript for "x" activity, since although it was created for web it is used for different activities because of its simplicity.
now php is also interpreted (I do not remember what his language was if I'm not sure it's foltran ) but he runs already on a server being apache his main ally. because it is a nodejs platform, it is due to the fact that it adds its own functions to extend the use of the language and facilitate it at the time of development.
This may be a very long topic but at this moment I can not answer you with more (I have to sleep), I hope this little bit helps you in something.

answered by 03.03.2017 в 03:32