Error executing: Unable to load the file or assembly


Hello to execute the project with which I am after solving various problems, now we execute this error ..


Unable to load the file or assembly 'EntityFramework, Version or one of its dependencies

You could help me out thanks

asked by dunia48 06.02.2018 в 11:18

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Back up the project and try to install the EF package that is not found. I missed the version number 4.4 but now looking this blog it seems that it is version 5 and it appears as 4.4 because you have MS-Framework 4.


There is no such thing as an Entity Framework 4.4!


The 4.4 comes from the assembly version of EntityFramework.dll when   you install EntityFramework 5.0 into a project that targets .NET   Framework 4.0. This is merely a side effect of how the runtime loads   and binds to assemblies, and in no way reflects the version of the   product.

In Tools - > NuGet Package Manager - > Package Console, run this:

Install-Package EntityFramework -Version

If you already have an installed version you can do the Update or delete the one you have and install a new one. A problem installing this version is also discussed here, at this link .

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