Start tomcat from windows console


I have the tomcat 8 discarded and I can boot without problems:

I open a console, I go to the folder bin and I run startup.bat, it starts to start tomcat but if I close that console the tomcat stops, how can I make it permanently and only stop if I stop the process

asked by sirdaiz 21.03.2018 в 12:02

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There are two ways you can run Tomcat 8 with the behavior you want.

Windows Installer Service

This option allows you to install Tomcat 8 with an assistant who will guide you in the installation of the program.

You have the option of adding Tomcat as a Windows service, as well as choosing a name to identify this service from the Windows Services

answered by 24.11.2018 / 06:48

Try, instead of executing it with a double click, to launch it from the command line with the option start

catalina.bat start
answered by 21.03.2018 в 12:28

Edit the .bat file and write the word pause at the end of the code, and the message will appear: "Press any key to continue . . . " I hope I have helped.

answered by 01.11.2018 в 07:28