Difference between PCL projects and .NET Standard visual studio 2017


Good morning, I want to know what is the difference between PCL and .NET Standard projects I have visual studio community 2017 and when I create a project xamarin forms I only get the option to create it with .NET Standard and I have seen tutorials that come out PCL, can someone explain to me what I have to do or if they are the same?

asked by Luis Alexander Santiago 16.01.2018 в 03:42

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PCL according to Microsoft :


Portable Class libraries can help you reduce the   time and costs of developing and testing the code. Use this   type of project to write and build .NET assemblies   Portable frameworks, and then reference those assemblies from   applications that point to multiple platforms like Windows and   Windows Phone.

In other words, projects like P ortable C lass L ibrary are functional when you want your library to be available for different platforms such as Windows phone and simultaneously for Xbox. Support platforms are the following:

While the Standard are those that are only supported by windows and .net framework. This means that you can not use in a windows phone or Xbox project.

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