Hibernate with sqlite [closed]


I am developing a desktop application and I want to do it using Sqlite e Hibernate .

Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate Hibernate with Sqlite3 ?

asked by Juan Antonio Fernández Díaz 17.12.2015 в 13:23

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Yes , it is possible but, from my opinion , I do not recommend it.


SQLite is thought to have native support for its engine. For this you need a JDBC driver or use ODBC. If it is a JDBC driver, it does not come with the Java SE or EE SDK.

The driver is on the official page of SQLite but it is necessary to install on each computer where you are going to use it and, besides, it is not a universal driver, since there is a specific binary for each platform.

Using an ODBC bridge is little performant and, therefore, it would not be an option either.

Viable alternatives:

If you are looking for portability in your application, I would recommend another type of Java-based embedded database such as:

answered by 17.12.2015 в 20:07

sqlite-dialect is a project that implements the hibernate dialect for sqlite. In addition you need a jdbc driver (driver) for sqlite.

I doubt it's a good idea to rely on such an exotic project, but I could try.

answered by 17.12.2015 в 18:26