The JDK 9 is not compatible with 32-bit systems


I tried to install the Java 9 JDK but on the official page I can not find the version for 32 bit systems, so I would like to know if Java 9 is only for 64 bits or later the 32 bit version will be released .

asked by nullptr 04.11.2017 в 22:29

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The answer is:

Not currently , and maybe this is for a long time or definitely.

Java 9 will definitely not support 32 bits .

Since the JDK 9 will work with a server-like virtual machine.

In the Removed tools and components we can read this:


Dropped Windows 32-bit Client VM


In JDK 9, the Windows 32-bit client VM is not available. Only a server   VM is offered.


JDK 8 and earlier releases offered both to client JVM and a server JVM   for Windows 32-bit systems. JDK 9 offers only the JVM server. The   JVM server is tuned to maximize peak operating speed.


The abandoned 32-bit VM client


In JDK 9, the 32-bit Windows client virtual machine (VM) is not   available. Only one server virtual machine is offered.


JDK 8 and earlier versions offered a client JVM and a JVM of   server for 32-bit Windows systems. JDK 9 offers only the   JVM server. The server JVM is ready to maximize the   Maximum operational load speed.

Mark Reinhold, the head of architecture of the platform was consulted about it and this was your answer via Twitter on 25 September:



Sorry, but we have no plans to send JDK 9 compilations   32 bit. We are trying to focus more on the future than on the   past.

Apparently the Oracle JDK 9 and JRE 9 Certified System Configurations it included 32-bit systems, but that information disappeared, and now there is only reference to 64-bit systems.

Your same question was raised in the Oracle blog and also in SO in English , it is suggested to create your own binaries in 32 bits version and in the last link it seems offer yourself some. Using third-party binaries has its risk, of course. Perhaps the best option is, if possible, to look to the future , as Reinhold says, and move to a 64-bit system.

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