Is there an alternative for Raspberry pi and connect SSH under NAT?


Dear, I am working on a project with RPI3 and connected to a 3G Mobile Broadband, which has blocked ports SSH 22, is there any option to create a tunnel via web, to be able to access the SSH of the machine?


asked by Alejandro 18.12.2017 в 19:41

1 answer


I suggest you use a commercial product, it's Dataplicity link .

It is free for 1 device and what it does is create a tunnel through its website without problems of ports or anything. You can access your Raspberry using the software of this company for Android or iOS or through a web shell. It also allows you to redirect port 80 to an address mapped on your website for free. Also if you want to map other ports (torrent, syncthing, ...) you need to use the paid version.

answered by 26.01.2018 в 09:23