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I have mounted an ubuntu server, I have created ss users, and everyone can clone the repositories. However, only the administrator user can commit. I have created more admin users and even then I have not managed to commit with another account, only with the one I registered when I lifted the server.

What is missing? Where do you have to give permission?

asked by Chriz CR 17.08.2017 в 01:52

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I have a theory, I think it's because if you used the administrator user to install GIT on the machine, the settings must be taken from ~ / .gitconfig where the user doing the commit is, the other users may not have this file created? and therefore can not perform processes in the repo?


I'm assuming that you want to commit only on the local branch and not upload it to where it is hosted, because if so you have to perform user authentication via ssh (private and public key) or via https with username and password .


answered by 03.04.2018 в 15:44