How to change the language of all mvc error messages from English to Spanish?


Changing the user registration form that mvc5 brings by default, I noticed that the error messages that it sent came in English:

These errors are shown in the Validation Summary ( ValidationSummary ) When searching online for the only thing I found are several responses from the sister site in English such as next that did not solve the error since it only translated some errors, how could you translate all the error messages into Spanish that are shown in the forms such as the registration?

asked by Xique 15.07.2017 в 18:59

1 answer


Install the Spanish language pack in Manage Nuget Packages called

After that, the following line must be added within system.web in web.config of the project

<globalization culture="es-MX" uiCulture="es" />

so that all error messages appear in Spanish

answered by 15.07.2017 / 19:10