Problems refreshing a page using Ajax + PHP


I have a table with a series of records, I frame with several checkboxes of them. I click on a button that updates the records, what it does is call a php script through Ajax as many times as I have selected records.

Well once finished, the page is reloaded with a window.location.reload (); and surprise of the records that I have marked, for example: 6 has only updated me 4 (these values are indicative because they are changing, sometimes even updates them all) The only way I have to see the information correctly updated is to reload the web page from the browser.

I put the code that I use for the Ajax request and the subsequent reload of the page:

$('#canviestat').on('', function (event) {             // Selection of id f the checkboxes of the checked rows

              var arrayCod = new Array();
              var arraySaldo = new Array();

              $('#tableprod').find('tbody tr').each(function () {             // Loop every rows of the table

                  var $button = $(event.relatedTarget);                       // Button that triggered the modal
                  var row = $(this);
                  var cod = (;
                  var saldo;

                  if (row.find('input[type="checkbox"]').is(':checked')) {    // Add the id_fichaje to array
                        arraySaldo.push(row.find("td[data-field='saldo']").text());   // Envío cálculo de saldo

              if (arrayCod.length != 0){                                     // If array contents id then...
                  $('input[type="submit"]').prop('disabled', false);
                  $('#codigosSeleccionados').text(arrayCod.length + " codis seleccionats");



                      var inputvalue = $(this).attr("value");               // Get the  value of the input fields

                      $.each( arrayCod, function( key, value ) {                // Loop arrayCod and call ajax to update estado    

                                         data:{"estado": inputvalue, "id_fichaje": value, "saldo": arraySaldo[key]},
                                      $('#canviestat').modal('hide');                       //Close window modal

PHP Code:


        if(isset($_SESSION['username']) and $_SESSION['username'] != ''){


                $conn = dbConnect("localhost", "5432", "-", "-", "-");

                $estado = $_POST['estado'];
                $estado = Estado($estado);

                $id_fichaje = $_POST['id_fichaje'];
                $saldo = $_POST['saldo'];

                $username = $_SESSION['username'];

                $query = "UPDATE produccion.estado SET usuario='{$username}', estado='{$estado}', fecha_mod=now() WHERE id_fichaje = '{$id_fichaje}'";

                $result = pg_query($conn, $query);


        } else{
        <div class="row">
              <div class="text-center">
                  <p class='errorLogin'>La sessió no està activa, si us plau login <a href="login.php">aquí</a></p>


Updated jquery code.

I have detected that the debug console fails to send multiple records for the update:

/assets/jquery/jquery.min.js:4 XHR failed loading: POST " link " .

In the jquery code, what I do is go through all the selected checkboxes and send them to the post one by one, that is, in a loop.

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If you end up doing a window.reload it does not make sense for you to make changes in onsuccess , for example remove all checks .

On the other hand, when reloading the same URL you are loading in most cases the version that the browser has in cache, that's why you see part of the marked checks and if you recharge you see them all.

One way to solve it:

  • delete the uncheck of the onsuccess: those that are selected remain selected, they will correspond to what you register on the next page
  • remove the reload: the purpose of using this ajax structure is to avoid reloading the entire page, and only update those parts of the page that require it

This option in your code keeps the checks you have done naturally when selecting, you do not delete the selected ones and you do not change the non-selected ones, you do not reload them.

       data:{"estado": inputvalue, 
             "id_fichaje": value, 
             "saldo": arraySaldo[key]},
              $('#canviestat').modal('hide'); //Close window modal
              //$('#tableprod').bootstrapTable('uncheckAll'); // Unchecked all checkboxes
              //window.location.reload(); // Recargar página

Another option if you want the page to be reloaded:

  • send the html form to your destination file

  • in the destination file send to the start page with window.location and to avoid the cache you can add any variable to the URL, for example: "miformulario.php? valid = 1".

In this second option your table would be contained in a form, and you do the "natural" process of sending the form and all its fields (the checks you have made and the rest of the variables you need) with a submit button. In the destination php file you collect and process the data (database update) and when you finish sending it to the form page, that is to say you reload it.

Page 1 with the form: miformulario.php

Page 2 destination of the form: updateEstado.php . On page 2 after putting the data in the database, ie at the end of the if, you forward to the page of the form. To avoid the cache you add a variable that makes the url different (there are other ways to avoid the browser cache but this is the simplest for that), and that you can also use to confirm to the user that the data has been processed correctly.

<script type="text/javascript">
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