Change key value from the console in FireBase


I have made my first database in FireBase , but I have committed a misspelling in one of the keys. The problem is that I can not modify the field from the console. Does anyone know how to do it?

My tree is something like this:

metrology < --- this is the value I want to change to technology
 ---- c ++: 10
 --android: 25
 --java: 140
 --c #: 66

asked by Jose Cuervas 06.12.2016 в 14:21

2 answers


You can export the json that is ultimately a text file, edit it and then import it again. The export and import options are at the top right when you see the json in the console.

answered by 06.12.2016 / 15:20

If you mean changing the project name from the Firebase console, this can not be done , you must create a new project with the correct name. p>

answered by 06.12.2016 в 17:16