download Build Tools 26.0.2 for Android studio 3.0.1


I want to download Build Tools version 26.0.2 but it will not let me download it because of my geographical position (I'm in Cuba) in the SDK Manager.

asked by Yeikel200 26.02.2018 в 16:22

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Hi, I'm from Cuba too, to download that version you do it by connecting with a vpn or proxy, with this link:

For linux: link

For windows: link

If you do not know how to do it tell me to leave the build in dropbox

answered by 05.03.2018 в 17:17

I imagine you are in Cuba, in this case you must configure your Android Studio to work offline, you must not allow Android Studio to have internet connection, enter the Settings ( Ctrl + < kbd> Alt + s

You must configure it to use a local distribution of Gradle.

This article in Spanish is excellent:

Preparing the environment of Android Studio development for Cuba

answered by 26.02.2018 в 17:22