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I've been working on a website for a couple of days and I want all the urls to be friendly, that is, no url is so subcategoria/?type=ejemplo1 , the problem is that I also want all the custom data types and I can not think of it Another way to filter the data is to pass the data by GET and make queries.

I would be eternally grateful if someone can tell me how to change the url so that this looks like that .

I tried to change it with .htaccess in a thousand ways but there is no way.

asked by Fran 12.05.2016 в 09:40

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You have to go to wordpress settings and then to permanent links, there are several options that let you show your urls as you like. I leave you a help link: ( link )

If I understand it well I think this could solve what you want to do: ( link )

answered by 12.05.2016 в 10:02

To put friendly links in Wordpress, you do not have to touch the .htacces. What you should do is:

  • Sign in with your username and password
  • In the menu on the right click on "settings" and then on "permanent links"
  • Select the option that best suits your needs
  • Look at the last option that allows you to adapt it using wildcards, an example would be:

    / subcategory /% categoryCategory% /

    This would serve to make url friendly, the paging is another story. This link is also useful link

    answered by 30.05.2016 в 19:48