Use CSS selectors to hide everything except an H3 [closed]


I am modifying with css a widget the wordpress in which there is a title of the news and a summary. It turns out that the title has an assigned class, but the summary only appears as "" (without class).

So I wanted to select everything except the title (a h3 with a) and had taken from here something like this, but it turns out that I get the opposite effect (hide only H3 with the link to make the rest visible):

.content.table-cell > :not(a) {
display: none !important;

How can I get it? Thank you very much

asked by BCT 20.08.2016 в 14:23

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It would be necessary that you put the html code, as Alvaro says. Although it is not the best option, I think this could help you:

.content.table-cell {
display: none;
.content.table-cell > :not(a) {
display: block !important; /*block, inline-block, inline... */
answered by 23.08.2016 в 17:15