Problems connecting to BD Cpanel


I am uploading my first web page for a client to the internet, the connection to the database in local I have no problems but in the hosting I do not know what is happening, I am trying to connect the DB in Cpanel but apparently there are certain errors that I do not know what they are, create the database which is mirandae_comentarios and password Keisy0518 my file ....



$con= new mysqli($host,$user,$pass,$db);

if (!$con) {

    echo "error".$con->error();

    echo"You are connected";


the page: link

before the structure html I aggravate the include"class/conexion.php" and always enter the second else it does not matter that I try to fail the connection when trying to write the name of the wrong database always I'm printing You are connected I do not understand what happens to someone who can guide me so that the connection is needed to be successful in cpanel

asked by andy gibbs 01.12.2018 в 04:07

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