SQLite when deploying a project done in Django


I have my project done with Django and I will upload it to a server that has support for Django (obvious), but the database that I used during the development was SQLite.

The Web server only supports MySQL but my question is:

When SQLite is supported by Django would it be necessary to change to MySQL or could it continue to use this database?

asked by user5872256 11.02.2016 в 20:38

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Of course you can still use SQLite, although I would recommend that you take advantage of the moment to change to MySQL since SQLite has some limitations :

  • Search for substrings with uppercase and lowercase letters .

    The following query:


    you will get results such as Aabb , AAbb . Note that the lookup contains should get results only for aa in lowercase, for the other cases there is the lookup icontains (case insensitive).

  • Errors of type "Database is locked"

    SQLite is not very good with concurrency, that is, you will have problems if your system has several users, an important reason to migrate to MySQL.

  • The QuerySet.select_for_update() statement is not available

    If you want to take advantage of select_for_update when using transactions, forget it, you will not be able to.

I assume that when you are passing your project to your own server or in the cloud, it is because you are going to provide a service to your company, people, etc. If this is the case, then:


When SQLite is supported by Django, it would be necessary to change to MySQL or   Could I still use this database?

Yes, you would need to change to a more robust database like MySQL.

answered by 11.02.2016 / 21:09