How to adjust browser window to the width of the document in HTML?


I have a large table made in html that is generated with records from a database.

The problem is that: A white space appears almost the same width as the table on the side

Staying like this:

/* Navegador Web  */
*        *         *
*  HTML  *  VACIO  *
*        *         *
/*    Botones     */

The first table is the table and the second is the empty space.

If you move the document away with the browser's ZOOM, the empty space appears even below the HTML

How can I adapt so that the table or the browser does not come out with so much space or if it is not centered?

Here is a picture of the problem:


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asked by Victor Alvarado 27.03.2017 в 16:06

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You could put:

<table style="float: center; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">
   // Lo que sea ...

That will make your table centered and the empty space would be divided.

Sometimes that is more beautiful than putting it in full screen, but anyway I give you an indication of how to do it:

<table style="width: 100%;">
   // Lo que sea ...
answered by 27.03.2017 / 17:28