No default proposals in JSF


I would like to find out how to get to show in a jsf code propositions for existing values in the java code of the view bean. I am using eclipse Luna .

For jsf tags and their tags if you give me proposals, but for what I mention of the java code the following appears:

I was working on a project that did have this help and it saved me a lot of time and now I am not able to reproduce it. Can someone help me?


On the one hand I have that my java version of javaServerFaces is not the same and for another that only lets me put the mojarra library.


I have added jsf , api e impl in the servlet faces.

asked by AuRiCaN 19.02.2016 в 09:23

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Window > Preferences > General > Content Types > Text > JSP > Add (xhtml)

This will make eclipse treat the xhtml files as jsp, so autocomplete any tag that is defined in the format .tld , ( <h: and <f will work.

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So, for that reason, you will not solve all your problems, for the autocomplete of the facelets, it is a little more complex, but MKYONG has a tutorial in 3 steps very useful:

Step 2 is the important one:

  • You have to create a user library like in the image.
  • include the JSF API and its implementation library.

are the files jsf-api-xxx.jar and jsf-impl-xxx.jar .

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