As non-object oriented software diagrams?


I have developed a small system in Python, but I have not defined classes. They are simply files with functions that call each other and a file central.

I am now trying to represent this system, but I can not find the indicated diagram to explain the functioning of the system. Of course, I have made use cases, but I would like to represent the responsibilities of each function and how each one is invoked. The collaborations between them.

With what model can I represent it? Are there types of pre-defined diagrams for this type of systems?

asked by Peter V 28.10.2016 в 23:20

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I do not know if I understood you correctly, but if you use use cases you may be using UML.

In this case, if you just want to create the flowchart you can do it using communication diagrams or < a href=""> sequence diagrams .

These types of diagrams usually refer to classes but if you do not have classes but modules or functions, you can also use them. It just changes the way you organize it.

If you want simpler flowcharts you can try flowchart methodologies like Jackson, Warnier or Bertini.

answered by 29.10.2016 в 00:13