Eclipse STS the subclipse plug-in disappears when it restarts


The versions are the following eclipse STS V. 3.8.2.RELEASE SO macOS Sierra subclipse V. 1.12.x.

I install subclipse through the marketplace and all ok, I can do commits, checkouts, etc. everything necessary through the plug-in, however once I close STS and open it again the plug-in no longer works, if I go to help - > installation details The plug-in is effectively no longer. this does not happen if I just reboot the IDE.

Also perform the installation of the plug-in by adding the url in Available software sites the result is the same.

Thank you in advance.


I just realized that where you add the url in Available software sites is no longer after you close and open the IDE.

I forgot to mention that every time I close the IDE and open it again, it does not save the address or path to the previously selected workspace, it's as if it were opened for the first time and shows me the default route.

- EDICION Ok thanks to @Luigi Mendoza I found some things that I think may be the cause of the problem even though I do not know how they can be solved.

When Eclipse STS is installed, a folder called .eclipse is created within the / Users / $ userName / path, leaving / Users / $ userName /. eclipse inside this folder exists another call org.springsource.sts_3.8.2.RELEASE_1070434759_macosx_cocoa_x86_64 the number 1070434759 is not applicable. After installing the plugins, within it is created another call plugins where downloaded plugins are stored, not those that come packaged in the eclipse application. leaving the route as follows /Users/$userName/.eclipse/org.springsource.sts_3.8.2.RELEASE_86999941_macosx_cocoa_x86_64/plugins / ., If you notice the folder number change to 86999941

Now, after installing the required plugins and closing and opening the application twice (specifically two) a new folder is created with a different number ie org.springsource.sts_3.8.2.RELEASE_363625953_macosx_cocoa_x86_64 Now if you look at the number it's 363625953 and that goes on repeating every time I install the plugins.

asked by OJVM 26.10.2016 в 16:29

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Because of the symptoms described, it seems that your Eclipse is on a route where you can not write or that the user with whom you are running the application does not have permissions to write to the location where your Eclipse installation is (either STS or any other another IDE based on it). I recommend checking these elements before running again, including the permissions of your workspace (workspace). When you know you can actually write in these locations, try again.

To check if the user has permissions, I recommend visiting the folder from the terminal and review it with the command ls -l .

answered by 26.10.2016 в 17:00