Why migration in laravel does not create a third table that is password_resets?


Hello friends, good evening, I tell you that I am starting laravel and I am in database viewing migrations because I tell you that everything is fine but error jumps and I do not believe the password_resets table that supposedly should create me what is due? Here I pass two images a pa that you see in phpmyadmin that laravel only created two tables and in another what came out in the cmd. thanks friends and also configure in the .env file of laravel all the parameters to connect with the database and I have not modified anything of what laravel I believe in question of migrations those two files that it has.


Thank you friends, I'm waiting for your help.

asked by David Garcia 07.11.2018 в 03:14

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To solve this error, you must go to your AppServiceProvider.php and within the method boot() add the following

The location of that file is: ProjectName / Providers / AppServiceProvider.php



Install a newer version of mysql, preferably from mysql 5.7 onwards or mariaDB 10.2 or 10.3 preferably

If you are using Laravel in a version 5.5 or higher after any of the 2 solutions that I am giving you, just execute

php artisan migarte:fresh

The previous command will erase all your tables and execute all migrations again.

This detail is presented because from the version of Laravel 5.4 the character_set is UTF8MB4 then lower mysql versions for example to mysql 5.7 do not support it and that is why it marks the error

answered by 07.11.2018 в 03:18