How to create a new project in android studio?


They will think the question is silly but it is not, install android studio version 2.2 I have the jdk 1.8 installed, I have never used android studio so it is installed and configured by default, when I start I give the path of my SDK , after this I try to create my first project, I give the name to the project I select the android api and then I get a window that says installing prerequisites below it shows me the path of my sdk and a blank text panel, and not let me give next or anything like that just leave me the option to cancel would appreciate much help

asked by Arnold 08.06.2016 в 01:36

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I had a similar error when installing android studio, if you go to File and then to Settings (I think that from the home screen you can also get to this menu with the options on the bottom left of the screen ), you have an option of Android SDK , you get a list with the different SDK platforms.

Check that the one you use in your project is checked, otherwise try to change to another type of SDK, I usually use Android 4.1(Jelly Bean)

answered by 12.08.2016 в 13:55

In order to solve this doubt I will leave you the link of a page in which explains step by step how to create the project in android because there are often problems with the sdk or variable JAVA_HOME: link

answered by 13.06.2016 в 10:34