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I currently manage a website that maintains about 30 simultaneous simultaneous connections up there, but in phpmyadmin a series of alerts have appeared from the "current status" section, all the state variables, in summary these are the alerts:

Aborted clients



The number of connections that were abandoned because the client   He died without closing the connection properly.

Aborted connects

21.3 k


Number of MySQL server connection attempts failed.

Created tmp disk tables

378 k


The number of temporary tables on the disk that were created   automatically by the server while executing the statements. Yes   The Created_tmp_disk_tables tables is large, you can increase the   value of tmp_table_size to make temporary tables based   in memory instead of being disk-based.

Handler read rnd

13.6 G


The number of requests made to read a row based on a   fixed position. This is high if you are making many inquiries   that require the reordering of the result. You probably   has many queries that require MySQL to scan entire tables   or you must have links (joins) that do not use the keys in a   appropriate.

Handler read rnd next

175.6 G


The number of requests made to read the next row in the   data file. This is high if you are doing a lot of scans   of tables. Generally, this suggests that your tables are not   appropriately indexed or that your queries are not written for   Take advantage of the indexes you have.

Innodb buffer pool reads

61.5 M


The number of logical readings that InnoDB could not satisfy the reservation   of buffers and where it was necessary to read a simple page.

Innodb row lock time avg

1.1 k


The average time to acquire a row lock, in milliseconds.

Innodb row lock time max

34.2 k


The maximum time to acquire a row lock, in milliseconds.

Innodb row lock waits

2.1 k


The number of times a row lock had to wait.

Opened tables

1.2 k


The number of tables that have been opened. If the number of open tables is large, their table cache value is probably very small.

Select full join

12.1 k


The number of links (joins) that do not use indexes. If this value is not   0, you should check the indexes of your tables carefully.

Slow queries

27.5 k


The number of queries that have taken more seconds than those registered   in long_query_time.Documentation

Sort merge passes

53.1 k


The number of combination passes that the algorithm has organized   due to do. If this value is large, you should consider increasing the   value of the system varible sort_buffer_size.

Table locks waited



The number of times a table lock could not be acquired immediately   and a wait was necessary. If this value is high, and there are problems of   performance, you must first optimize your queries, and then, either   split your tables or use replication.

Tipo de servidor: MariaDB
Versión del servidor: 10.0.34-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 - Ubuntu 16.04
Versión del protocolo: 10
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