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Dear I have a winform application vb.net that uses sql server some clients use public ip and port to connect to the engine. How to cover the replication or mirror mode of the engine in case the connection fails. The idea is to have 2 Vps servers in different providers and that both have the information in parallel.Thanks

asked by Roberto Antonio Valenzuela 09.07.2016 в 16:16

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SQL Server has the Mirroring feature. Just right click on the database you want to reflect, select Properties and a window with options appears, on the top right, a button to configure security, which opens an assistant that guides you step by step.

It is recommended to create another instance as Witness Server in order to make the Failover automatic, but it depends a lot on how you are going to work on your solution. VB.NET .

answered by 20.01.2017 в 18:46