JAVA - Change color button after a certain time


I'm doing tests for a project at my school where I came up with the idea of making a computer rental system, I want to do if I rent a computer at the end of the time the corresponding button changes but can add more time, for example , if they rent for 1 hour but then they want to add another hour more to be able to modify it directly from the execution and not close or open the program again. I saw that there is a program called Cyber Control and it seemed to me that it does what I'm looking for, if someone could help me, it would be very helpful. THANK YOU!

asked by JOSE ANGEL SICAIROS ELIZALDE 22.08.2018 в 22:00

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You have to use Thread (thread) to do that, you have an active thread that is going to ask if the time is up depends on the clock of the machine and the time that you put it to change, if you hit the button more time, you call the same thread so that it starts again.

answered by 22.08.2018 в 22:10