I can not list with ajax php and jquery


When trying to list the products I get an error, the funny thing is that locally it works very well but when doing the deploy it shows me the error "DataTables warning: table id = datatable - Ajax error For more information about this error, please see link " I will attach images of the problem with the code, if someone can guide me I appreciate it.

This is the code to list product.php:

<div class="table-responsive col-lg-12">
    <table width="100%" class="table table-striped table-bordered table-hover" data-source="data-source" id="datatable">
                <th>Id Product</th>
                <th>Product Name</th>

this other would be ajax_producto.js:

$( document ).ready(function() {

function listar() {

  var table = $("#datatable").DataTable({
       "order": [[0, "desc" ]],
       "bFilter": true,
       "bDestroy": true,
        "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
        "ajax": {
          "type": "POST",
          "url": "../admin/list_.php"
        "columns": [
          { "data": "productid"},
          { "data": "product_name"},
          { "data": "company_name"},
          { "data": "category_name"},
          { "data": "categoryid", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "company_address", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "contact", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "description", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "supplierid", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "tech", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "userid", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "video", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": "product_price" },
          { "data": "product_qty"},
          { "data": "photo", render: getImg},
          { "data": "photo", "class":"hidden"},
          { "data": null,"defaultContent": "<div class='btns'><button class='btn btn-success btnEditar'><span class='fa fa-pencil'></span> Edit</button> | <button class='btn btn-danger btnEliminar'><span class='fa fa-trash'></span> Delete</button></div>"}

this would be list_.php:


$pq = mysqli_query($conn,"select * from product left join category on category.categoryid=product.categoryid left join supplier on supplier.userid=product.supplierid");
$data["data"] = mysqli_fetch_all($pq,MYSQLI_ASSOC);
echo json_encode( $data );

attached images.

server side (godaddy)


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