Get list of products with VAT included


I have a product model with the column price and VAT How can I get the final price (with percentage of VAT included) Especially when I do something like

\App\Producto::where('marca_id', 4)->paginate();


asked by Diego G 06.12.2018 в 01:54

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It occurs to me that you build the query in this way:

$datos = Producto::selectRaw('precio * IVA AS PrecioFinal')
                  ->where('marca_id', 4)

The new column is called FinalPrice and is calculated by multiplying the precio by the IVA within the method selectRaw()

The above is only going to return the calculated field; but if you need all columns plus the new calculated column; you should do the following

$datos = Producto::selectRaw('*, precio * IVA AS PrecioFinal')
                  ->where('marca_id', 4)

That is, within the selectRaw() method we pass a *, that helps us indicate that it brings all the columns and the one that will be calculated on the flight

answered by 06.12.2018 в 02:41