Backup or disk image?


The laptop screen broke and the technical service tells me to format it. Should I make a backup of the hard drive or a hard drive image?

asked by lujoselu 21.05.2018 в 11:29

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With a hard disk backup it will suffice, a disk image copy is not necessary, it is a more complete copy that includes operating system updates, if you install the windows10 you do not need to make a disk image .

What is a disk image backup?


This is a very simple type of backup to configure where   normally you just have to select a complete unit, a   partition or a whole machine that normally makes a copy of   security of the entire selection you have selected. Some programs   such as NovaBACKUP, for example, allow you to make backup copies   of the changes since the last full backup of   Disaster recovery. Where the backup copies of images   disk really shine is in a kind of complete disaster.

What is a file level backup?


File-level backups basically come down to   the selection of some files and folders that you want to make a   backup and then where do you want the copies of   file level security. The type of level backup   generally allows more granular options for copying   of security and restoration of things like Exchange, SQL, State of the   system (Registry, Active Directory and other things), along with the   ability to exclude many other things that I probably do not want   make backup copies unlike most copies   security of disk images. Backup copies at the level of   file also often offer a more flexible way to perform   backups, programming and backup copies normally   smaller than disk image backups.


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If it is a decent technical service, they will backup you.

If they do not do it, change places.

answered by 21.05.2018 в 12:32