Ids of the HTML elements in the iframes


My case is the following, I have 3 iframes on one page, on each iframe there is the same thing, which is a table with data and 2 buttons. I understand that in html is bad or ugly or whatever it is to put for example 3 input text with the same id. Now my question is this:

In the 2 iframes can you repeat the same id? Let me explain:

I have this:

Two iframes, each with the same elements but different data. There are 2 input text, both input text have the same id to get the value of that field when you hit the edit button, would this be wrong "designed" / "programmed"? Would it be a problem for the web? Working works for me but I do not know.

I mean, if each iframe are independent elements of the other iframe or there can be confusion when putting the same id in both iframes.

I do not know if I've explained what I'm asking. I'm sorry.


asked by M. Giner 03.04.2018 в 11:16

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