HTML Portable Editor for c # WinForms


My question is if they know of any control that allows editing HTML content, bold, images, tables ... but with the condition that it is portable to Mono (Windows / Linux)

Thank you very much

asked by Fernando Diaz Toledano 10.04.2017 в 14:38

2 answers


You could use a component like this

WinForms HTML Editor

I understand that it should be applicable to other platforms

But you're going to have to evaluate third-party controls like being

HTMLUI Control

this mentions that completely independent of the IE therefore it should not be using the WebBrowser internally, it would be a matter of evaluating it

answered by 10.04.2017 в 16:10

Not being able to depend on an ActiveX control, COM, or similar, I think it's best to base yourself on a RichTextBox to be able to do what you want, although it will be much more work than using a third-party control, of course.

answered by 05.07.2017 в 11:09